Photo services


While my background and love lies in documentary photography, I have been very happy shooting commercially for over 5 years. I have extensive experience in furniture photography, but my documentary portrait experience gives me a good foundation and background to do commercial and personal portraiture.


Whether you hang it in the Art Institute or on your bedroom wall, I love working with photos. Taken with your point-and-shoot, a Hasselblad H4D, or Holga, every pixel counts. While I enojy creating my own photographic art, I find equal satisfaction if helping you make yours.

I work with fine artists, commercial photographers, and hobbyists to take what comes from your camera and turn it into a finished product. I have years of experience working digitally, starting with a negative or with a digital file. I enjoy the entire process from input to output. I'm equally comfortable working with you in your home or studio as I am from my office. Please contact me for rates.

And, if you need help getting the perfect shot, I love to lend a helping hand on shoots too.


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